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Open Doors Education: Scholarship and Craftsmanship

Open Doors Education (OD-E) offers support in connecting knowledge and action in education and education research. Teaching is a complicated process in which local, interpersonal and moral factors play a key role. The knowledge necessary for making this process successful is developed by engaging with students and cannot be captured in words. At the same time, concepts are essential denoting and directing educational actions. Thus, scholarship and craftsmanship need to be connected. OD-E focuses on developing a language of teaching and teacher education that acknowledges the importance of pedagogical values.

Founded in 2008, OD-E offers advice to policymakers, researchers, schools, teachers and parents. It is also active as a research partner in national and international projects. It often cooperates with universities. Working out of Amsterdam, we service the Dutch and Northern European markets. Recently, we developed a Graduate Course on teacher education for UC Berkeley, California.

Behind closed classroom door a lot of teacher craftsmanship remains invisible. OD-E develops technology to open these doors and make the actions of teachers and students visible for outsiders. OD-E has recently expanded its support for technology-based consulting, adding expertise in the areas of the integration of multimedia content into lessons and school projects. This expertise extends to declarative task description languages and the architecture of synchronized media and event interaction platforms.


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